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Trash is one of the things we get the most questions about. So we brought in an expert from Waste Management and asked her all the questions we know you’ve been dying to ask. So whether you’re a new Aleppo resident trying to find out when the trucks come or you’re an old pro, we know you will find something you didn’t know about our trash in these questions and answers (We sure did!).

You should make a special point to watch the portion on the At Your Door pickup of items that cannot be accepted in the normal trash and can be hard to recycle. This is a great service that makes it easy to get rid of some of those difficult items. Furthermore, the township pays extra for it, so it is only worthwhile if it gets used!


Trash Collection

  • Q: Who collects the trash at Masonic Village?
    • A: Waste Management collects trash and recycling from the villas — trash collection at the apartments and other buildings is handled by Masonic Village.
  • Q: What happens if there is a holiday?
  • Q: What happens if my trash didn’t get picked up?
    • A: Feel free to call the Aleppo Township Office (412-741-6555) to report the missed pickup.
    •  If you choose to contact Waste Management directly, call 800-866-4460 or visit their website at to use live chat.
      • When speaking to Waste Management, be sure to explain that Aleppo Township has a municipal account and that residents in Aleppo do not have individual account numbers.
  • Q: Should I put out my trash the night before or the morning of the pickup?
    • A: Either is fine.
      • If you put it out the night before, be aware that animals or wind could cause problems overnight.
      • It is not appropriate to put out the trash several days before the pickup.
      • Click here for a more detailed answer.
  • Q: What happens if animals get into my trash before it is picked up?
  • Q: Why aren’t my cans or lids replaced neatly after pickup?
    • A: Waste Management tries their best to leave your area exactly as they found it, but wind sometimes interferes with their ability to keep your cans upright.
  • Q: What do I need to do to prepare my trash for pickup?
    • A: It needs to be bagged (including leaves and grass clippings) and twigs and sticks must be cut to 2.5 cm (1 in.) in diameter and 120 cm (4 ft.) long.
  • Q: How much trash does Aleppo generate?


  • Q: What can be recycled in our curbside pickup?
    • A: Plastic bottles, jars, jugs & tubs; Food & beverage cans; Paper; and Flattened cardboard & paperboard.
  • Q: What items should not go in our curbside recycling container?
    • A: Plastic bags (including grocery bags, bread bags, and newspaper bags) and Plastic film.
    • Glass bottles & containers.
    • Shredded paper
    • Food waste; Foam cups & containers; and plastics numbered 3-7.
    • Needles/Medical waste.
  • Q: Do I need to clean containers that held food before putting them in the curbside recycling container?
  • Q: Are there restrictions on the receptacles we can use for curbside recycling?

Home Generated Special Material

  • Q: What is the At Your Door service?
    • A: It is a supplemental service that allows Aleppo residents to dispose of televisions, computers, pool chemicals, batteries, and other “home generated special material”.
  • Q: How much does it cost a resident to use At Your Door Service?
    • A: Nothing! We pay extra to include this service in our contract with Waste Management (one dollar per household per month), so there is no additional cost for residents to use it. But it is only worth what we spend on it if we use it. So use it.
  • Q: What items can be collected through the At Your Door Service?
    • A: Paint products, Household cleaners, Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), Automotive products, Garden chemicals, Batteries, Electronics, and Mercury containing items.

Large Items

  • Q: What is a large item?
    • A: Anything that cannot fit into a bag or a trash can, such as furniture, mattresses, or appliances, trunks, stoves, furnace pipes, and hot water heaters.
  • Q: How do we dispose of large items?
    • A: Waste Management will collect large items from Aleppo residents, but needs to be called in advance to make sure the truck is equipped to pick it up.
  • Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare my large items for collection?
    • A: Freon must be removed from appliances and a sticker proving the removal placed on the item; Carpet must be rolled up and is limited to 2 rolls of carpet per week.