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Hi, Neighbors. The Aleppo Township Board of Commissioners had a workshop meeting on Monday night and I wanted to let you know what happened.

Before I get to the digest of topics, let me address two subjects where we want some input from residents. Please consider these topics and respond accordingly:

  • First, we discussed the creation of a “Citizens Budget Committee”. There are apparently divergent views on this topic. To paraphrase the two different schools of thought, Commissioner Jones thinks that citizen involvement is worthwhile in creating the budget. On the other hand, President Gartner thinks that it is the responsibility of the 5 elected commissioners to do the budget. Since we will be voting on this issue next week, we’d like to hear how Aleppo residents feel. So please click here to watch this portion of the meeting, hear both sides, and then click here to cast an advisory vote. I will heavily consider the results of the advisory voting in deciding how I will cast my vote next week and will share the results of the poll with the other commissioners as well.
  • Second, we discussed the 2015-2016 police contract with Ohio Township. While all of the commissioners seemed inclined to renew the contract with Ohio Township, we want your input. So please!–click here to listen to this portion of the meeting and then let us know what you think … are you satisfied with out police protection? Are there services you think we should have but don’t?

As for the other topics, please click here to watch the meeting from its beginning. Or just click on the subject below that are of interest to you:

  • We discussed the township purchasing a replacement backhoe and questioned whether there was utility to buying used rather than new. Click here to watch this portion.
  • We voted (5-0) to pay for our Township Manager to attend the QVCOG Annual Dinner and we voted (4-1) to sponsor a door prize for that event. Click here to watch this portion.

If you have any thoughts on these issues, please feel free to let me know. Particularly, please remember to share your thoughts with us concerning our police protection and cast your advisory vote on the creation of the Citizens Budget Committee. And–of course–if you’d like to attend our next meeting, it will be on Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at the Municipal Building.


Best wishes,

Matthew Doebler

Aleppo Township Commissioner