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Emergency Management


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Emergency Preparedness

Aleppo Township has an Emergency Management Coordinator who has been appointed by the governor and certified through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency to develop and implement an Emergency Preparedness Program for our community. We have an Emergency Management Plan that includes identification of potential hazards, mitigation of those hazards when possible, and action for response to possible incidents. Residents should know in advance what to expect in the unlikely event we ever need to implement our Emergency Management Plan.


Communication with our residents during an emergency is of paramount importance. To that end we have implemented a number of methods for you to access information.


This website will be the central tool that we will use to convey information in a crisis. When we are in emergency mode, the homepage of this website will have a large box over the normal content, which will contain instructions. The website will be updated with additional information as the event unfolds.

Emergency Notification System

Aleppo Township has implemented an Emergency Notification System called CodeRed. CodeRed sends robocalls and text message alerts to residents in an emergency. Click here to register your telephone numbers with our Emergency Notification System.

Our other tools are primarily designed to direct residents to the website. While the Emergency Notification System is the most critical tool for raising the alert and it will contain essential instructions, the website will have more detailed information. Please be aware of your neighbors who do not have access to a computer and help us make them aware of developments.

Fire Siren

Finally, we have programmed our fire siren to sound one, long blast when there is an emergency (as opposed to the multiple short blasts that are used to alert the firefighters in the event of a normal fire notification). When you hear the fire siren, please go to the township website for additional information. Again, please remain mindful of your neighbors who do not have internet access when you hear the siren.

Special Needs Residents

Disaster incidents can be challenging to our residents that may require special assistance. To meet those needs, the Emergency Management Team must be able to identify our residents in need. Click here to identify yourself or your family members as someone who may require additional assistance. This can include: lack of mobility, need for medical devices such as oxygen, and individuals who would have difficulty sheltering in place. The information that you provide will be used solely for the purpose of providing assistance in the case of a disaster incident.

Questions Regarding Emergency Preparedness

Judy Haluka, Emergency Management Coordinator


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