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Our Geocache

What Geocaching Is

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use GPS systems (these days, smartphones do all the work!) to seek containers hidden all over the world. Think of it as a worldwide treasure hunt! For more information about the concept of geocaching, click here for “Geocaching 101”.

Aleppo’s Geocache

We have hidden a geocache in Aleppo Township that we invite all residents to find. If you’re new to geocaching, everything you need to find our cache is contained on this page. If you’re a geocaching regular and you want to find our cache through, our cache is GC86054.

The first thing you need to know to find our–or any!–geocache is the coordinates. Our cache is located at:

40.532185, -80.139843
You should be able to enter these coordinates into your favorite smartphone mapping app and find the location of our cache.

But that’s not all you’ll need to make the find. You’ll also need the “cache description.” Think of this as the clues to the mystery. Here is the cache description to the Aleppo Geocache:

Municipal government gets a bad rap because people think it’s boring, bureaucratic, or unnecessary. But throughout America, elected officials meet regularly to keep our communities running smoothly. Participating in municipal government by attending the public meetings of your elected officials is a good way to know what is happening in your community.

Fortunately, Aleppo Township records all of its meetings and posts them online to make it easier for our residents to participate in municipal government without having to physically attend a meeting. To find this cache, you must ‘attend’ a meeting. You can do that by visiting:

Enjoy! Make sure you watch the whole video or you won’t learn everything you need to.

Some quick specifics: you are looking for a Rubbermaid container that’s about the size of a cereal box. There is plenty of room for trades in the box and it’s been stocked with some fun goodies, but if you take something, please leave something. Please make sure you sign the log book and return the container exactly as you found it.

Good luck!

If you enjoyed finding this geocache, there are many more to find! There are at least 104 geocaches within a 3 mile radius of Aleppo Township. (All of the green and blue dots in the map below are nearby geocaches just waiting to be found!) Visit to continue the adventure!