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Hi, Neighbors. We had an Aleppo Legislative Meeting last week and I wanted to tell you what happened.

If you want to watch the meeting from the beginning, click here. Otherwise, feel free to click the links below to jump to the portions of the meeting that are of particular interest to you.

Here’s what happened:

  • We held a public hearing about the Glen Minogue development plan, which is a new planned neighborhood proposed for alongside Glen Mitchel Road. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.)
  • After hearing about it, we voted (5-0) to approve The Villas at Glen Minogue Subdivision and Land Development as well as the Conditional Use application. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.)
  • Officer Beck reported on the Ohio Township Police presence in our Township. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.)
  • Tom told us what the Public Works department has been doing. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.)
  • Treasurer Clayton Steup reported on the Accounts and Tax Collections for April. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.)
  • Vice President Jones reminded everyone about the Fern Hollow Nature Center’s Summer Celebration. This is free for all Aleppo Township Residents. (Click here for the information to this great event!)
  • Township Engineer Ben Gilberti reported on Road Bonding. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.)

Our next Workshop meeting will be on Monday, June 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Township Building. If any of these issues are important to you, please feel free to join us and voice your opinion. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, please feel free to share your thoughts with me by email and I will be sure to convey your feelings to the other commissioners.

As always, thanks for making Aleppo a great place to live!

Best wishes,

Matthew Doebler

Aleppo Township Commissioner