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Hi, neighbors. We had an Aleppo Legislative Meeting last night and I wanted to let you know what happened.

Before I get to the digest, let me tell you about a new communications feature that I am thrilled to announce. We’ve begun to catalogue the video of our former meetings by topic. So, for example, if you ever wanted to see all the times we’ve discussed the landslide, you could click here to find all the links in one place.

We’ve done the same thing with a variety of topics. Click here to see the entire list of topics.

I’ve also added a link in the subjects below where there is an archive page of that topic. I hope this makes it easier to understand the context of discussions and makes you all better informed about what’s happening.

On to the digest. Click here to watch the video of the meeting from the beginning, or click on one of the links below to jump to just the portions of the meeting of interest to you.

  • I expressed pride in the way we debated the creation of the Citizens’ Budget Committee at our last meeting, made video of that debate available to our residents, and then took feedback from our constituents before casting our votes on the subject. This is representative democracy at its finest. (Wouldn’t it be nice if other levels of government did something similar?) (Click here for this segment.)
  • We agreed not to pursue legal research into the idea of dissolving the Aleppo Township Authority and combining its operations with the township. (Click here for this segment.)
  • We heard that the Aleppo Township Authority has finished the process of installing a new water line on South McCoy Place. (Click here for this segment.)
  • Our township manager reported that the QVCOG annual dinner was nice, but that she did not win a door prize. (Click here for this segment.)
  • In response to a citizen question, we summarized the settlement that was reached with the owner of the land where the landslide occurred. (Click here for this segment.)

If you’ve got anything to add about any of these topics, please drop me a line. Your involvement in running Aleppo is important and I will be sure to share your thoughts with the other commissioners.

I’d also like to know what you think about the video archive? Is it useful?

It’s an honor to serve Aleppo. Please let me know anything we can do to make your life here better. Until next time!

Best wishes,

Matthew Doebler

Aleppo Township Commissioner