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Parking Rules

Part of the benefit of living in Aleppo is that we do not face significant parking challenges. The parking rules in our township are, therefore, quite relaxed.

Unless otherwise posted, on-street parking is allowed and there is no prohibition against overnight parking. That being said, there are some common sense limitations we ask residents to observe:

  • First, please do not park on bends in roads. Recognize that safety is key and try not to obstruct sightlines.
  • Second, please do not park on township roads during snow events. Our plows cannot get down the streets if they are lined with parked cars, so please move your car when it starts to snow.
  • Third, please be a good neighbor. Without establishing formal rules for every little issue, please be considerate when hosting a party, parking cars on your property, and parking vehicles other than regular cars (such as boats and RVs).