Municipal Building
100 North Drive
Sewickley, PA 15143
Phone: 412-741-6555
Fax: 412-741-7062
For Emergencies, Call 911


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Public Works Department
100 North Drive
Sewickley, PA 15143
412-741-6555 x18

Public Works Supervisor
Tim Scott
412-741-6555 x18


17.4 miles of roads wind through Aleppo Township, owned by a mix of state, county, municipal, and private entities. While Aleppo owns and maintains only about 65% of these roads (click here to see a list of road ownership in Aleppo), we also plow the state and county roads in the winter. We pride ourselves on having some of the best cared for roads in the Quaker Valley.

We have a 20-year road maintenance plan that attempts to guide our spending on the projects that are most in need. We set aside money every year to fund this long-term upkeep (in fact, it is often our largest expenditure of the year!) and the plan is regularly re-evaluated. It is only a plan and it is impossible to guarantee what the future will hold, but our intent is to follow this schedule as closely as possible. Click here to see the 20-year road maintenance plan.

When it snows, our crews work diligently to keep Aleppo’s roads as safe as possible. We have three trucks available, each with a plow and a salt spreader and personnel on call 24-hours-a-day. Our crews generally follow a designated plowing order (click here to see our plowing plan), but each storm is different and we adjust our routes to address immediate circumstances.

Speeding on our roads is something we discuss with the police frequently. The Township has a speed monitoring sign, which generates electronic reports about traffic speeds on roads. The Public Works crew continuously moves the sign around the Township.

Reporting a problem with a road in Aleppo is easy. Click here to tell us about a problem with one of our township owned roads or call 412-741-6555. To report a problem to Allegheny County about one of its roads, call 412-350-4636. Finally, click here to report a problem to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania about a state road or call 800-FIX-ROADS. (Again, to see a list of which roads in Aleppo are owned by whom, click here.)