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What is a Digest?

All of the meetings in Aleppo are video recorded and posted to YouTube. After the meetings, the Township Manager sends an email that breaks down what happened during the meeting, point-by-point. Each bullet point on the email includes a link to jump to that particular portion of the meeting video, so residents can watch the topics from the meeting that are important to them.

Does a Digest replace Minutes?

No. We still prepare and keep minutes for each meeting and they remain the legal record of the meeting. If there is a technical issue, there will not be a Digest available. The Digests are not all inclusive, so a link to the recording of the entire meeting is included at the top of the email from the Township Manager.

How do I get Digests sent to me by email?

The Digests are read by residents, the press, and elected officials. To receive these digests in your email inbox, click here to fill out a quick form.