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Hello Aleppo Residents and Friends –

Please see the following information regarding the Aleppo Township Workshop Meeting that will be held tonight, November 9, 2020:

  • The Commissioners will meet electronically as we continue to work within COVID-19 protocols.
  • Click here to see the meeting agenda.
  • We will be following our normal broadcast procedures and the electronic meeting will be streamed live on YouTube. Click here for the Aleppo Township YouTube channel.
  • Citizens are invited to participate in the following ways:
    • Call or email your comments/concerns to me in advance of the meeting at 412-741-6555 x19 or
    • If you are watching the meeting live, you can email your comments to me during the meeting ( and I will convey them to the Commissioners during the electronic meeting.
  • Please continue to check the Aleppo Township website for updates on meetings and other news: 


We had an Aleppo Legislative Meeting on Monday night, October 19, 2020 and I wanted to tell you what happened.

If you want to watch the meeting from the beginning, Click here. Otherwise, feel free to click the links below to jump to the portions of the meeting that are of particular interest to you.

Here is what happened:

  • Tax Collector/Treasurer Clayton Steup gave the financial report for the month of September. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting). #TaxCollector
  • Ohio Township Police Chief Hanny gave the September police report. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting). #Police
  • Public Works Supervisor Tim Scott updated the Commissioners about what the department has been doing. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting). #PublicWorks
  • During the Communications report, Commissioner Amy Richert discussed resident emails that the Township received. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting). #Communications
  • Commissioner Judy Haluka announced that the Quaker Valley Ambulance Authority is changing their municipal assessment program.  Under the prior model, the Township paid a $9 per capita fee, which covered 100% of any out-of-pocket costs for ambulance services (after insurance reimbursement.)  Under the new model, this $9 per capita fee will cover 50% of the out-of-pocket costs after insurance.  Please contact the QVAA at 412-262-2621 if you have questions about this new policy.  (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting). #QuakerValleyAmbulanceAuthority
  • The Quaker Valley Council of Governments changed the format of their Annual Dinner to an online event this year. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting). #QuakerValleyCOG
  • Quaker Valley School District’s plans are moving forward and are scheduled to be presented to the Leet Township Planning Commission.  Please check Leet Township’s website for updates on their meetings. (Click here to watch this portion of the meeting.) #QuakerValleySchoolDistrict

Our next Workshop Meeting will be tonight, Monday, November 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM. If any of these issues are important to you, please feel free to contact me via phone or email and I will convey your feelings to the Commissioners.

Gwen Patterson
Aleppo Township Manager
412-741-6555 x19